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Flow, Pressure and Temperature Measurement (Method 2) Index


3-D Flow Measurement System

3-Dimensional Console
3-D Pitot
3-D Flow Measurement System

Type "S" Pitot Tubes

Modular Pitot Tubes
Telescopic Type "S" Pitot Tube
2-Dimensional Probe

Standard Pitot Tubes
Port Adapters and Packing Glands
Inclinometers and Accessories
dpt Digital Manometers

Air Velocity Kits

Air Velocity Kits

Velocity Profiler Data Logger
Magnehelic® Gauges

Flowmeters (Rotameters)

KFR-Series Flowmeters
KMR-Series Flowmeters
KG#-Series Flowmeters
KPV9000 Series Electronic Gas Flowmeters

Orifice Flow Meters

Temperature Measurement

Hand Held Temperature Displays
Thermocouples and Probes for Hand Held Thermometers
Type K Thermocouples
Replacement TC's for Inconel Probes
Thermocouple Wire Type K
Thermocouple Simulators
Thermocouple Plugs / Jacks


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